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Join Our Brick Project

Our engraved brick fundraiser has proven to be very popular! The engraved bricks have arrived and will be installed by the end of the year when the elevator construction will be complete! You can still be a part of this project! We will be having our next batch of bricks engraved and installed in the spring. Support The Center AND leave a lasting gift for someone you love by ordering your brick here.

Center Elevator Construction, Aug 8 2020

Elevator project is underway!

This major improvement to The Center is the result of a generous gift from an anonymous donor, and will make all three floors fully accessible.  Included in the project is a brick walkway leading to the new entrance.  Many community members and organizations participated in the first part of our brick walkway fundraiser that we just wrapped up. We will have a part two, so stay tuned! This fundraiser supports The Center and our ability to offer low cost rent to the organizations that call us home. Thank you!

From the President of SCPSJ

We support the protestors who are out on the streets calling for justice and an end to state-sanctioned violence against Black and Brown people, and call for sustainable transformation in our community.

If you aren’t sure how to help, consider a donation to an organization that works for justice for Black and Brown people.


Color of Change

National Bail Fund Network

The Center, at 2013 East Genesee Street (east of Westcott Street), is home to activist organizations:

The Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice promotes collaboration among groups working for progressive social change by providing capacity-building services, including space for offices, meetings, conferences, training and education.

 See the Inside


• The creation of a peace and social justice center in a central, visible location has marked a major advancement in the growth and development of progressive forces in our community.

• A substantial building with professional facilities lends a sense of legitimacy to our critical social action work.

• Daily face-to-face contact among key community activists increases networking and allows our community to plan proactively and respond more effectively to future crises.

• Creative projects emerge from discussions around the coffee table, over lunch and during meetings.

• The Center builds on work already begun by the Greater Syracuse Progressive Coalition and the annual Hiroshima Day commemoration.

• Continual renovation of the Center as an accessible and “Green” building  provides a visible example to the community of steps we can take to include all people regardless of abilities, and to preserve the natural world.